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Fractured Sleep. (John)

At the age of 25 when I first became seriously ill with Bipolar I didn't sleep for three days. This all happened over Christmas Eve into boxing day. It was a brutal experience. My mind just wouldn't switch off and incoherent thoughts just kept bubbling and turning in my head, constantly, without respite. Eventually an… Continue reading Fractured Sleep. (John)

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Self Medicating (ii) John.

I struggle a bit with the term self medicating. To me the term suggests taking a substance for (percieved) beneficial or calming results.   (John) Over the past couple of blogs Elle and myself have discussed the ideas and the term of self medicating.  The quote above is from my last post. The problem is I… Continue reading Self Medicating (ii) John.

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Treatment and Stigma.

Some people feel as if a diagnosis somehow labels them, diminishes them and leaves them open to prejudice. I couldn’t be further from this position. I think that owning a diagnosis and not skirting around it is ultimately empowering, allowing you to take steps to deal with what needs dealt with.    I really did enjoy… Continue reading Treatment and Stigma.

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Treatment (The poor version)

In Elle's last response she spoke about a psychiatrists response to finding out some new information on an attack of psychosis she'd had...  I remember his response – part indignant (as if a great party had happened and he hadn’t been invited), part shocked – ‘Well I didn’t know about this!’  This made me think of… Continue reading Treatment (The poor version)