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Bipolar Mixed Episodes (Elle)

Basically I'm for anything that gets you through the night – be it prayer, tranquillizers or a bottle of Jack Daniels. (Frank Sinatra) I feel like my brain is full of crushed salt and vinegar crisps and red hot needles. I say this with some sort of satisfaction because I believe it's a better description… Continue reading Bipolar Mixed Episodes (Elle)

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A Rucksack Full of Stones (Elle)

I've tried a few times in this blog to really describe what it feels like to be in my head/body. I thought that was my purpose in writing here, so that other people could  experience and understand it.  But I have a growing disquieting feeling now that it's actually impossible to let another human being share… Continue reading A Rucksack Full of Stones (Elle)

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Not Indestructible. John.

It expresses perfectly for me why I find ‘things’ so difficult – because I’m continually having to react to right myself, responding to internal change the whole time to keep myself upright and stable, dealing with placing my feet on a constantly shifting surface, and coping with the sickening feeling that the small challenge up… Continue reading Not Indestructible. John.