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The Energy Equation (Elle)

I feel that the experience of mental illness can be a journey. That's how I see it anyhow, though I totally understand those who feel that it's a static unending affliction they'd rather shake free of…. For me it's a journey, and can be a learning and growing experience. (Though perhaps it's just so painful… Continue reading The Energy Equation (Elle)

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Onset of Psychosis (ii) Elle

One morning I heard a demonic voice coming from my belly – 'I am the Devil'. I simply carried on, perhaps slightly perturbed. The next morning I heard the same voice from the other side of the room – 'Do not challenge me'… With utter certainty, in that moment, I knew three things – (1)… Continue reading Onset of Psychosis (ii) Elle

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In Dreams, Remnants and Tomorrows. John.

So my subconscious found me another analogy of what being bipolar feels like to me. Variously out of control but still working hard to try and thump out a tune; with slippery ground beneath me and a serious threat hanging over my head whenever I hit the low keys. And the image is so comic… Continue reading In Dreams, Remnants and Tomorrows. John.