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A Quick Word From Elle (Via John)

So if you've been following us in recent weeks you'll know that Elle isn't blogging just now because she's under section. We've been in regular contact and she agrees she's probably in the best place for how she is feeling just now. Still...that doesn't make what she's experiencing easy. As always she's been her incredibly… Continue reading A Quick Word From Elle (Via John)

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An Out of Season Thought About Christmas (John)

As I mentioned previously I used to write a blog called Dissent prior to this one. I'm just re-sharing some favourite posts. This one was about Christmas but I think the intent of it is relative at any point of the year. Christmas is nearly upon us, and all the good things that brings will… Continue reading An Out of Season Thought About Christmas (John)

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Funny Tales. 3 (Mindfulness Sketch)

I mentioned in my last humorous story that I’ve been reminiscing about potential new material for my Delusions Stand Up Comedy Show. Normally these tales are related to my experiences in the world of mental health. However, over recent days I've been writing sketches for a potential project. Yesterday I wrote one about Mindfulness, which… Continue reading Funny Tales. 3 (Mindfulness Sketch)

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Our Tribe Pt1. (John)

Hullo we're back. There's been a wee break recently. The reason for this is I've been away on holiday and unfortunately Elle is under section just now. I've been in regular contact with her and she's said it's Ok that I tell you here on the blog. Obviously things can't be described as 'fine' with… Continue reading Our Tribe Pt1. (John)